Inspired by all that the world can throw your way in a mere 51-weeks.

51Weeks is a very personal endeavor; an under-the-radar wine project that we felt compelled to undertake. After a jarring, life altering period of exactly 51 weeks, everything in our world changed.

Out of the chaos, came clarity. 

And wine. 

51Weeks is the natural evolution of many years of consulting work within the wine industry, and also the direct effect of a very frenetic time period our lives. Nancy explains, 

Imagine the best and worst in life, all bombarding you in a mere 51-week period. Having two babies. Losing two loved ones. It was chaos, but our priorities became crystal clear. These jarring events lead us in the most meaningful of directions.

Love and loss have a way of changing who you are and where you're going. The short story can be found on the faces our children who just happen to be 51 weeks apart. The long story can be found on our weathered faces, as we are left with the reminder of life's fragility, universal balance and the gift of perseverance.

We think that pretty much everyone has their own "51-weeks". A period in their life, be it brief or extended, be it joyous or heart wrenching, that redefines their path.  

51Weeks can change your life. It changed ours.