It is amazing that both of us grew up right here in Oregon -- Matt in the Willamette Valley and Nancy in Southern Oregon. Our winemaking style is a direct reflection of our upbringing in distinct Oregon pockets. Our childhood summers were filled with the most flavorful berries and preserving those so that the bounty would last year round. This fruit, unique to place, has given a deep appreciation for concept of sense of place and the moderate climate we enjoy. The long growing season and cool summer nights give way to the best in what is grown here. It is in this spirit that our fruit driven wine style is rooted. 

We are 'minimally invasive' winemakers because of this appreciation for the uniqueness of our fruit. Our wines taste different from vintage to vintage because we choose not to make additions to alter the chemistry or potential alcohol levels of the wine. Every decision we make is to allow the character of our place to show in the wine. Wine microbiologists know that in non-inoculated wines, the fermentation is finished by aggressive yeast strains that outcompete more desirable organisms from a flavor standpoint. We do feel that a slow fermentation provides a better flavor profile and a more gradual temperature increase that is just enough to set the color of our red wines. This is why we can inoculate with very low levels of our favorite isolated yeast strains we get the slow fermentation kick-off, but also give our desirable yeasts the head start they need in order to complete the fermentation.

Pacific Northwest Style. You will never hear us refer to our wines being in the 'style of' old world regions. This limits a winemaker to techniques that may have been developed in another region, and it may or may not suit the fruit. We will utilize any technique from any region if we think it will tease out and show a nuance of our amazing Oregon and Washingtonfruit. Our style will evolve, but we like to think of it as being Pacific Northwest with a dash of avant-garde Portland spirit. Simply put, we are winemakers with a deep reverence for our corner on the map and we are committed to crafting uniquely beautiful wines.

We look forward to sharing this philosophy with you. Over a glass of wine, of course!

-Matt and Nancy